Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Tales!

OK, so 2 yrs ago on September 7th I was in labor. It wasn't Labor Day then but it is today. He was my 5th child and 5th boy. He was a surprise to us and given to us by God. I was in denial about labor because it was a week before my due date. I never went early! (well, I did once. It was 3 days early). I was expecting to be at least a week late.

That day we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and walk around the mall. I started having contractions as J was looking at clearance suits. I just kept trying to ignore them and convince myself that I couldn't possibly be in labor because I wasn't due for a week! Well, the more we walked the more they kept coming. I called my mom and she said keep her updated. So I did. And when we got home she came over because J had a service at church. I just kept doing my normal routine.

I got the boys a bath and played with them, cleaned up the kitchen. All the while having contractions and telling myself they weren't contractions. Being my 5th child you'd think I'd know for certain! I got the boys in bed and my mom said that I better call my inlaws to come and be with the boys. So I called J at church (this was about 9pm. My contractions started at about 5pm) They were about 5 min apart and getting more intense. J called his parents and came home. My mom kept saying you should go to the hospital and I kept saying, "I just want to be sure!"

So finally at 10 pm I decided it wouldn't hurt just to go and get checked. Well, I got in there and I was 5cm! WOO HOO! So then we were all making bets if I'd have him before midnight. I lost. He came at 1:14am on J's birthday no less! I told him that was the only gift I had for him. I think he was happy with him! My labor was nice and smooth. Terribly painful but I did it with no epidural or anything. I did have my mom and J put ice cold rags on my head and neck. I do remember saying, Is there any ice in that bucket because these are warm! Meanwhile their fingers were practically frostbitten!

So anyway, no my baby is going to be 2. :( He is growing up too fast as are all of my boys. Here is T:

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  1. Wow! I cannot believe he is two already! He is so adorable; looks like such a little sweetheart! Happy birthday sweet guy!