Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brotherly Love

You know, there are some days when I'm just not sure if my boys really love each other like I want them too. Then there are days when they prove me wrong! N's birthday was on Sunday. He turned 6. (which I can't believe, by the way!) Well, my mom takes each of the boys for an afternoon for their birthday's. Yesterday she took N and before he even left he said, "I'm taking my Toys R us gift card too so I can get my brothers something!" I told him not to do that because this was his birthday but he insisted.

Well, my mom ended up letting him pick something small out for each of his brothers. He chose small plastic sports balls (baseball, football and a basketball) that was filled with bubble gum. Then they went to TJ Maxx. N saw a Thomas the Tank book and told my mom that he really wanted to get it for M because he LOVES Thomas. My mom said fine since it was on clearance and told him he could just keep one of the balls for himself. Well, as soon as he got home he was hollering for M. He was so excited to give him not only the ball of gum but the Thomas book too. So in the midst of his birthday he really wanted to get his brothers something too and it made me feel like God used me to teach something right to these boys!

Now tomorrow will be my "Frugal Friday" so stay tuned for deals I found shopping this week, my first ever contest, and anything else I find frugal for you all! God Bless!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So forgive my slowness...

Dh and I got the stomach virus on Sunday so I think we are now all well and ready to dive into life again! I'm getting caught up with school with the boys, my cleaning is almost there and things are getting back into the groove! My sister stopped out today with my 6wk old nephew. I can't even believe mine were that small!

I was the doula at his birth. My very first birth and I loved it! I definitely know this is what I want to do. My heart is in it. I am still in training for labor and postpartum doula as well as childbirth and lactation educator. I have a year left but I'm hoping to be done sooner. And praying to be done sooner as well. Part of the problem is that with dh looking for another job it's hard to really be able to promise to be at a labor when I don't know if we'll be moving or not. We are visiting another church on Friday. It's about 2hrs away. Somedays it's just so frustrating waiting and waiting. I would like to say patiently but it's not always that way! Sometimes I'm just happy with status quo and remaining comfy here. I do love it here. I know dh is ready to be out of youth ministry and on to being senior pastor. The other part of the problem is all the churches we're being sent to (through district offices of the Christian and Missionary Alliance) are sending us to churches that want to pay us way less. We are just making it now. I know God owns it all and in the end we must trust Him.

So as much as I'd like this blog to only be about frugalness this will be a mish mash. I'm thinking of having a weekly frugal post with my finds at the grocery store and Wags as well as some cheap allergen free recipes and links to contests. I'm even thinking of doing one of my own as I have tons of extra pregnancy/newborn sample stuff. I could easily put together 10 kits but I don't have funds to ship all 10 at once. Babysteps I say!

So in the end could you guys keep my doula biz and dh's job search in your prayers? Thanks!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I've not updated on how vday went or anything because I've had 3 sick kids. YUCK! Throwing up is just terrible. My 5yr old ended up in the ER last night because he was so weak. He just could not hold anything down at all. I could tell that he was not doing well. So he went and was so brave and didn't even cry when they put the needle in! He is so much better today as are the other two that were sick. Thank the Lord for that and for being with us doing those rough days and nights! Now I pray he spares the rest of us this nasty bug. So I'll post more when all is back to normal.

As of now I have about 8 loads of laundry to fold. Most of them sheets and blankets and towels. And I have bathrooms to clean, buckets to disinfect and a kitchen that needs a good scrubbin'. I can't wait till all is back to normal! I really want to finish making my cloth diapers and covers so T can start wearing them!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Ideas on the Cheap

So I've been researching some cheap but cute and fun ideas to do for the family for valentine's day. I really like the Treasure Hunt of Love. (scroll down) I think I'm going to work on this today and surprise the boys because my dh had them thinking that you had to have a girlfriend to participate in valentine's day. Then I'll do another separate one for my dh. And he thinks I am not creative or fun at all so we'll see how it turns out! I will be making homemade treats for the boys to end their treasure hunt. I'm not sure if it'll be something I sew or bake or maybe a bit of both.

I haven't checked this free e-book out but it's called Valentine's Day on a Dime.

So now my to do list today includes v day preparations so I must go get working!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

V day gift shopping with the boys.

Yes, when you take 4 young boys shopping with you to the mall it takes 2-3 times longer than normal! And I'm kicking myself for not brining a carrier or stroller for T! My arms were killing me! I thank the Lord that my boys are well behaved. At least in public that is!

I first went to a store at one end of the mall. I had no clue what to buy because my dh isn't very helpful. What do you want? Whatever or nothing is always the reply I get. They didn't have anything that looked interested so off I trekked to the other end of the mall near the play area. So by the time I get there my arm is killing me and the boys' relentless, "can we please play at the play area" suddenly sounds great to me! So they play and burn off steam for 20 min. It's raining anyway and we haven't hardly been out to run all winter because of the snow.

So we then go to the next store and make our purchases and head all the way back down to the other end of the mall. Again stopping to get a "bink" because M was so thirsty he couldn't wait. Finally I can rest my arms as I plop T in his seat. RELIEF! Being it was now 11:30 I knew I wouldn't have time to go to the health store. Then cries for lunch come. We're starving! So in lieu of the healthy lunch I had planned (turkey sandwiches with low fat cheese, wheat bread and fruit of their choice.) I stop in for Wendy's to save the day. Chili isn't so bad there anyway. At least I hope not!

Now I've just finished up school with the boys and T has been sleeping for an hour. That leaves me 30 min to get some cleaning or sewing done. But the boys are calling, "Come play cars mommy!" So I think today will be a day where I don't get much cleaning done! I still have tonight when dh and 3 of the 4 go to church. My diapers will have to wait another day for sewing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to my World!

Hey, all! I am Heidi, a sahm and pastor's wife. I have 5 boys that God has chosen to bless me with. They are 11, 7, just about 6, 3, and 17months. They do bless me every day even on the bad days! I've been married for 8.5yrs to my dh who is currently a youth pastor with his resume out to be a senior or assistant pastor. We are waiting for God's call right now. We did have an interview this past Friday and are now waiting to hear back from the church.

I spend my days homeschooling, playing with the boys, cleaning, sewing, knitting and taking care of my family. I love being a mother and am so glad that God has blessed me! This blog will be about a little bit of everything. My crafting, couponing, daily life in ministry and the likes. Welcome!