Friday, September 25, 2009

My Father In Law

Well, I haven't posted much about my FIL. I had recently started this blog when he was diagnosed with melanoma that had metastisized to the brain and then he passed away. I was just thinking about him as B was really having a rough day yesterday. It's so hard to see your children be in pain. :( I just wanted to make it all better. I made each of the boys a big huge pillow out of some of Papa's old shirts and he hugged it and cried.

And last week we were coming home from B's football game and he wanted me to call Deliliah (a radio show) to ask her to play a song. It was so sweet.

I don't know what to say about my FIL. He was such a great man who truly loved his grandkids. It was funny because at the funeral my BIL, SIL, J and I had to pick out some photos for a display and after his grankids were born we could not find one picture without him holding one of his grandkids!

Here's the last pic of B, N, and M with Papa:

And another of him with T right after he was born:

I found one picture out of at least a 1000 on my computer that was of him by himself. We were at the beach, I was pregnant and I don't know if it was J or me who snapped this pic. I now have the hat that he wore in this picture. I'm going to wear it when I garden and work outside on sunny days. And if I recall I think mom(my mother in law) did NOT like this hat and was a little embarassed!

I don't know but sometimes it's just hard to see why. I wonder all the time why God wanted him home now. I'm afraid T and M won't even remember him. (ages 2 and 4) I'm worried that N who is 6 won't remember much. He was the best grandfather ever and was such an amazing part of their lives. I don't know what else to say.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

L's birth story. He's 12 today!

I just can not believe my oldest is 12 today! Where have the years gone? Too fast! I've heard that the days go slow but the months and years go fast and it seems to be true! In honor of his birthday I thought I'd share his birth story since I've never really written it out.

So he was due on Sept. 14. I was a cashier and actually worked on my due date and on the 15 and on the 17th. I had gone to the doctor on the 18th. I was 19 and my grandma and grandpa had been a great support to me. L's dad never really came to any appointments. I'm not even sure if he came to the ultra sound. So my gparents had driven me to my appointment. I think it was about 4pm. I went in and was maybe 1cm. The doctor assured me that it would be through the weekend. I left frustrated because I was tired of being pregnant! I had gained 65-70lbs and was miserable through one of the hottest summers on record.

We stopped and got dinner and then on the way home I felt something. I thought, what was that? That kind of hurt! But since the doctor assured me it would be through the weekend I brushed it off. Then a little while later another! Hhmmmm. I didn't tell my grandparents because I thought for sure it was nothing. I went home and laid down. But I couldn't sleep. I kept getting these pains. They were getting worse and more frequent. I called my mom and told her I thought something was wrong with the baby. (Now I had not been to any classes or really read any books. I was young and dumb and completely unprepared).

She said she'd be right up. Well, she assured me I was in labor. We started timing the contractions. At the time L's dad worked on a farm and left at 5am and didn't get home until midnight most nights. This time was no different. So he walked in the door and I said I was in labor. He laid down while my mom continued to be with me. At 3am they were about 6min apart and I was having good bloody show so we left for the hospital about 20 minutes away. That was a long 20minutes!

I got there and I was only 3cm. I thought there is no way I am gonna make it through this! They asked if I wanted an epidural but I was more afraid of that than the pain of labor at this point. Finally at about 8:30 I couldn't take it anymore but I was 8cm and almost fully efaced and they would not give me an epidural now. They did give me stadol but I felt like I was drunk and out of it and I hated that feeling. And it did not help the pain. Finally at 9:19 I thought I had to go to the bathroom. My mom told me that's it! Get the midwife! I pushed twice and received an episiotomy and out he popped! So he was born at 9:19am on 9/19. He was 8lbs and 21inches long. I did almost all natural. The nurses and midwife said I did fabulous although I didn't feel like that. So that's the story of how L arrived in this world.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Testimony

OK, I decided to share my testimony so you guys (even though no one reads this) can see where I've been and where God's brought me.

I grew up in church. I was brought up in a household that knew about Jesus. When I was about 9 or 10 one of my dad's best friends had started a new church and invited us. It was small at about 10-15 people and we were meeting in a hotel. The worship was contemporary and the pastor was dynamic. It didn't take long for the church to grow. Pretty soon we were at 200 people and joined the Assemblies of God in our own building. Well, our pastor didn't like being under the authority of the AOG so our church left the AOG and became non denominational.

We had huge plays and 3 services. My dad was a deacon and our family became close friends with the pastor and his wife. I babysat their kids while my parents would go out. Then when I was about 15 I cam back from camping and my dad said something terrible had happened. Someone had tried to kill our pastor's wife by beating her into a coma. (that's a whole 'nother story). Our pastor was accused (and there was a hung jury) and our church fell apart.

We didn't go back to church. I still tried to remain true to my upbringing but I didn't read my Bible and really didn't have a relationship with God. So then I met C. I don't know what it was about him but I fell for him and it didn't take long for me to get pregnant. I was a virgin up until that point and couldn't believe I was 18 and pregnant. I hid it. i was too afraid and ashamed to tell my parents. I went to a clinic at 4 months along and they confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. We told my mom at the beginning of May, his mom on MOther's day and my dad shortly after.

I was due September 14th. He came 5 days late. He was perfect (and I'll tell his birth story another time). So after a rocky 22months I moved out. I could see God's hand in it now, but then I couldn't. Shortly after I recommitted my life to Christ and met my dh. My life has been forever changed. I thank God for His mercy and grace that enabled me to get another chance that no body would give me. I had bad experiences in churches of being a single mom out of wedlock but I thank God that He didn't give up and kept drawing me into Him.

He is daily working on me and I hope that I can be the mom and wife He sees me to be.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

I will be at the zoo tomorrow so I thought I'd share where I was on September 11, 2001.

L was just about 4yrs old and B was close to 3 months old. I was looking for preschools for L. I was scheduled to visit one at 10am that morning. So we only had one vehicle at the time and dh was at a meeting with it and my had agreed to take me to visit it. I had gone about my regular morning getting breakfast and getting everyone ready. I actually had the Today Show on until just before 9am which means I just missed it.

I went on about my business even though my grandparents knew and it was on the radio at the school I had no clue. My grandparents hadn't said a word and of course, the school didn't either. So we pulled back into the driveway at about a quarter to 11 and dh was there and told me what happened. I said, No Way. There is no way. He assured me he wasn't joking. I spent the rest of the day glued to the TV and the phone. Calling family and crying and wondering if this was going to start WWIII. I truly didn't know what to expect and, I'm sure like most, my faith was tested.

Why God? It just didn't make sense. Everyone has their theories about maybe it being God's judgement but know one knows but Him.

So that's where I was when the world stopped turning on that September day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School is in!

Well, technically school was in yesterday for us. My oldest still goes to public, because, well, his dad is a jerk. And I'm not talking about my husband. I suppose I should share my testimony so you could understand better. Maybe I'll do that my next post.

But for now, I am trying to get back into a school schedule. It's been a bit challenging as I try to balance teaching B 2nd grade, N 1st grade and M preschool with T running around as well. Plus I have all my animals to take care of, a house, a husband, myself, and still spend fun times with the family.

This reminds me of an interesting verse I read in my devotions the other day. I've been reading More Faith In My Day by Emilie Barnes and I've really been enjoying it. Here's the verse:
For by me your days will be multiplied, and years of life will be added to you. Proverbs 9:11

I thought this was interesting. I always try to start my day reading my Bible. I have the Charles Stanley Life Principals Daily Bible where you read through it in a year. (although it's been almost 2 years for me!) I read a couple chapters a day. For me this verse means that if I get my priorities straight by spending time with God and in His Word and praying that this could multiply my time during the day. I will admit that my prayer time needs to be improved and that is one thing that I believe will help me accomplish everything I need to in a day.

I want God to multiply my time and to help me get done with my tasks more quickly than I could imagine. So that's what I'm working on with my schedule.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Tales!

OK, so 2 yrs ago on September 7th I was in labor. It wasn't Labor Day then but it is today. He was my 5th child and 5th boy. He was a surprise to us and given to us by God. I was in denial about labor because it was a week before my due date. I never went early! (well, I did once. It was 3 days early). I was expecting to be at least a week late.

That day we decided to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and walk around the mall. I started having contractions as J was looking at clearance suits. I just kept trying to ignore them and convince myself that I couldn't possibly be in labor because I wasn't due for a week! Well, the more we walked the more they kept coming. I called my mom and she said keep her updated. So I did. And when we got home she came over because J had a service at church. I just kept doing my normal routine.

I got the boys a bath and played with them, cleaned up the kitchen. All the while having contractions and telling myself they weren't contractions. Being my 5th child you'd think I'd know for certain! I got the boys in bed and my mom said that I better call my inlaws to come and be with the boys. So I called J at church (this was about 9pm. My contractions started at about 5pm) They were about 5 min apart and getting more intense. J called his parents and came home. My mom kept saying you should go to the hospital and I kept saying, "I just want to be sure!"

So finally at 10 pm I decided it wouldn't hurt just to go and get checked. Well, I got in there and I was 5cm! WOO HOO! So then we were all making bets if I'd have him before midnight. I lost. He came at 1:14am on J's birthday no less! I told him that was the only gift I had for him. I think he was happy with him! My labor was nice and smooth. Terribly painful but I did it with no epidural or anything. I did have my mom and J put ice cold rags on my head and neck. I do remember saying, Is there any ice in that bucket because these are warm! Meanwhile their fingers were practically frostbitten!

So anyway, no my baby is going to be 2. :( He is growing up too fast as are all of my boys. Here is T:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pitt Panthers football!

J started vacation yesterday and so today we went to a Pitt Panthers football game against Youngstown. It was fun. The only not fun part was that it was at 1pm which happens to be T's naptime. Having 5 boys means we are totally into sports and since J loves Pitt that means that all my boys love Pitt! And it was mine, mother in law, and the boys first time at Heinz Field. The field looks a lot smaller in person.

Here is a link to some pics:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yes I'm terrible at blogging!

OK, I've never kept it a secret that I am terrible at blogging, but I am changing some things around in my life so I am hoping to have more time to blog. A lot has happened since March 29th. We have been relatively free of sickness, YAY! But at the end of May my father in law was diagnosed with melanoma that matastisized to his brain. He had 2 brain tumors and was hospitalized. He had radiation and despite a hard fight he lost the battle on July 6th, one day after my birthday.

It was an emotional journey because one day the doctors would say there was no more cancer and the next it was in his stomach. He went downhill quickly and was in a nursing home the last few days where he was in a coma. I thank the Lord that he knew Jesus and my boys will get to see their Papa again some day as well as my husband.

That took up quite a chunk of summer and I can't believe it's almost fall! The end of August through the end of September is a busy time for us because 3 of our kids birthdays happen as well as J's and J's and I's anniversay! WHEW! But I love it.

And school is starting. L still had to attend public school (which maybe I'll get into later) but B and N are going to be cyber schooled by me again and they start Sept 8th.

So that is the start of my new schedule. I've been wasting too much time on the computer. I do get a lot of stuff done around the house but then I sit my butt in the computer chair and my kids get the last of me. i want that to change. So I'm coming up with a new schedule for myself and I'll post it once I'm done.

Hmmm... Other things. J is still looking for a senior pastorate job. Nothing that was a fit as of yet. I do see God's hand in it all as we were supposed to be here for J's dad's passing. Now we're ready to go!

And I'm not couponing as heavily as I was but I started back up again this week and saved $60. $30 at walgreens (making my $45 bill to $15) and $30 at wal mart. OK, I gotta start getting the kids ready for bed. J's on vacation this week and I'm looking forward to that too! God Bless!