Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creating change in 2010

So 2009 was quite a year for my family. The biggest change was watching my father in law fight and then lose his battle with melanoma cancer. from the time he was diagnosed to the time he passed away was about 5wks. It was very fast. So to create change this year I am going to do some thing in my father in laws name.

Let me tell you the story a bit. On May 31st, Memorial Day, my father in law and mother in law were going to come down to visit and have a picnic with us. My father in law had been dealing with a blood cancer already and had to have chemo. He was a little sick and went back to the hospital instead that day. They ended up doing a brain scan where they found 2 brain tumors. He was given radiation on those tumors. He had numerous scans to check his body for cancer and they found a mass in his chest. They did a biopsy and it was melanoma that had metastasized to his brain. We were upset but knew that our God was bigger than this. We prayed and hoped. We were able to go and be with my in laws for most of the time he was in the hospital. Still though, he grew worse and worse. So bad that we didn't want my boys to see him. He was everything to my boys and they to him as well. Finally he slipped into a coma and was taken to a nursing home where my husband, brother in law, and mother in law stood vigil around the clock. My sister in law and I would visit daily as well as numerous family and friends. My "dad" had signed a paper saying he did not want any measures to help him live. No IV's, no feeding tubes, no nothing. So we waited and prayed and talked to him. He went in on a Thursday and on Monday, July 6th he finally passed immediately after my mother in law had left his room that night.

I will never forget the impact this has had on my family. And so to create change, and to make a difference, even if it is small, I want to raise money for cancer research. I will do this by doing the relay for life. I will be setting up a donation site soon and will post it once I get my registration complete. I want people to know that if you haven't been affected yet by cancer you probably will be (meaning you or someone you know) will get cancer. I will never forget the hurt and pain we went through in watching my father in law struggle. I will walk in remembrance of my "dad".

Here is the last picture taken of him and 3 of my boys.

And I wanted to add that although it is the most recent time my family has had to deal with a loved one dealing with cancer it's not the only time it's happened. My granmother had breast cancer and is a survivor. My other grandmother battled colon cancer for many years and passed away when I was about 16. My husbands grandma battled breast cancer and survived for years after. And his aunt (my father in law's sister) also passed away from cancer. So this is something that is way too close to home and I want to make a difference even if it is small.

Please click HERE to read more on how you can help me create change! Or on my right sidebar is a link to my donation page!


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your father in law, Heidi.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your entry. Raising money for cancer research is an amazing way to create meaningful change this year.


  2. sorry you had to see this fine man out of this life so painfully and quickly. I have recently lost a friend just before Christmas to Breast Cancer...she left behind 2 teen daughters. Three years ago,my brother was diagnosed with an adult form of Luekemia and his wife was diagnose the same year with Breast cancer...and had a radical mastectomy. Both treated with chemo and doing OK so far. AN uncle died just a few years before my brothers diagnosis...same type of cancer. His SON, my cousin ALSO has it. Five years ago, my father died of Kidney cancer in a mere few months. My sister lost 2 husbands in her short 53 years to cancer...Ben was only 24 and left her (a 23 year old wife) with 2 small children. Bob was her second wonderful husband, joined for 27 years and had two additional children with. They had been working on their dream farm for years, in anticipation of a wonderful retirement within reach. He was feeling very ill, went to a doctor and diagnosed on July 2nd and died exactly 2 months later ON his 58th birthday.That was 5 years ago.
    The impact cancer and other horrible disease has on family is indescribable...painful and frightening. Only research for a cure will FIND a cure and that unfortunately comes from donations that are in low supply. God bless you in your quest to do more.


  3. So sorry for your loss. My 50 yr old son-in-law passed away Oct 17th after a 3 mo battle with Renal Sarcoma, a rare and fatal cancer. His 13 yr old daughter wanted to stay with my daughter so her mother has agreed. She is a sweet girl but still dealing with the loss of her father. I loss my baby brother at age 56 from Leiomyosarcoma another rare cancer of the soft tissue.
    Cancer is such a terrible way to die not just for the patient but for the family to have to watch them waste away. I am a colon cancer survivor, over 10 yrs, and sometimes I wonder why I survived and my brother didn't when he was such a wonderful person. God had his reason so I will wait for him to let me know what that is.
    Bless you and your family and hope everyone is coping well.