Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love Baby Blues!

I love reading the comic Baby Blues every week. It just so often reminds me of my life. This comic is from 2005 but have loved it every since I read it! I am going to share with you, once a week, one of my favorite comics. Here's one on being a stay at home mom!
You may have to click on the image to see the whole thing!

Mamavation Monday, 2/28/2010

OK, so this week I still did not lose but I also did not gain. Hopefully I am still getting fitter and healthier. I've been trying out some new, healthy recipes and so far dh and I have been enjoying them. I think my youngest 4 can smell healthy a mile away! Nothing gets past these guys! One time I went to a mom's meeting and I could not figure out why my kids would not eat the brownie's there. Well, later in the meeting a mom said they were from the cookbook deceptively delicious and had pureed spinach in them. AH HA! I knew the answer. My boys can tell if a vegetable is inserted into anything!

Alright now back to my week. My successes were that I did get in 4 days of cardio and 1 day of strenght and stretching. We got an elliptical given to us and after 5 min I didn't think I'd be able to go for 15 more! But I made myself. So I'm going to use that at least once a week along with my cardio DVD's. And I must say I got a new video that kicked my butt! It is by Michell Dozois and is called The Ultimate Workout. It has 30min of cardio, 30min of strength and 15 min of stretch. Well, the cardio is really kick butt. I was not able to talk by the end of it! And I did the strenght 2 days ago and my chest muscles are still sore. The stretch was really nice too!

I did eat a little better but did not let myself feel hungry. I think I need to just fill up on mostly veggies. Then I have fewer calories but can eat more. Now my littlest has been sick and I've gotten little sleep and I'm getting it too now so we'll see how this week goes! I did try to add in some work to my everyday routine again. First, I have started spring cleaning. I read in Denise Austin's book that when something needs put away, put it away right then instead of collecting them in a basket. So, I must've ran up and down my steps 10 times! But it was a good workout!

And I had dancing sessions with my kids. I actually made a grouping of songs on my computer for 20 minutes that started off a little slow and built up and then went back down. We were all sweating and not only did I get a workout, my kids did too and we had fun doing it!

So hopefully I'll do even better this week. I will say that I had a candy bar every day this week and I'm sure that didn't help. So not candy bars this week! I'm not even going to buy them when I go shopping. I would buy minis but then I say, I can have 4 because that's like having one regular candy bar!

The biggest thing that has helped is that my dh is joining me in exercising and getting healthy! It has helped a lot this week. One last thing, I saved and scrimped and saved to get a pair of Shape Ups and had high hopes. Well, I don't think they work. I've been wearing them every day for a month and have not seen any changes at all. I'm not measuring this week though. I decided to measure every 2 weeks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm a finalist for creating change in 2010! I need your votes!

Woo Hoo! I entered the creating change contest over at to win a HP laptop and printer bundle and I am a finalist! My post is HERE and it's about raising money for The American Cancer Society by participating in the Relay for Life. I have already started raising money and have already raised $325! My goal is $500 but I just want to go all out and try for $1000 in my father in laws name! So all I need to win are your votes! I could use the laptop and printer to really go all out in printing flyers, and donation letters and contacting people through the net. I promise it will only take a few seconds of your time (unless you decide to ready my story!) It will take you less time to vote than it did to read this! So click HERE and scroll down and vote for in the fishbowl! And feel free to tweet, post this on facebook, you blog or wherever!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy birthday to my now 7yr old!

OK, N turned 7 at 5:04am this morning! I just can't believe it! I remember that I had false labor for a week. He was due on Feb. 25th which happened to be my mom's birthday. It was funny because all week I was sure that I was in labor and would go to the hospital only to be sent home because I wasn't in labor. I was so frustrated! My in laws had been down all week to watch the other boys and they decided they would have to go back on Sunday if I hadn't delivered. Well on the 22nd (a Friday) I went to bed about 10. I thought, another night of nothing! Then at 11pm I had a contraction. And I KNEW it was a real one! (you think I would've known before since N was my 3rd!)

So around midnight we went to the hospital because my contractions were picking up very quickly. When we got to the hospital I was about 3cm. Not as far as I had hoped. But things started progressing very quickly. And they were extremely intense. I finally decided to try and have an epidural. Well, while in the worse throws of labor I had to be crunched up in a little ball for over an hour! Every time the doctor would go to put the catheter in it would send shooting pains down my legs! So finally I thought I'll just ignore them. Then I decided that would be so stupid. So the doctor said he didn't know why but he couldn't get catheter in and I couldn't have an epidural. I was glad in the end to be able to have a natural birth. And, to be honest, my back hurt worse then anything else when it was all said and done! J said the doc must've stuck that HUGE needle in my back about 20 times! And I ended up having him about 1.5hrs after I tried to get the epi. We actually celebrated on Saturday and his favorite gift was an electronic basketball hoop that hangs on the back of his door.

I did decorate the living room last night with balloons and streamers and signs just so today would be special as well. He loved it. And T did too. He came running out and was in awe of all the balloons!

OK here we are singing happy birthday. Please don't mind my terrible singing! I tried to sing quietly. ANd you will notice that we are NOT a family of singers!

I am so glad that God has blessed us with N. He is so spirited and I know that God has great things planned for him!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mamavation Monday for Feb. 22nd

OK, I did a little vlog. I didn't feel like typing much! I will say that 2.22 is my 3rd's birthday! He's 7. I'll post about that tomorrow!

My measurements:
Waist: 40inches (2 inches lost total)
Hips: 45inches (same no loss or gain)
R thigh: 24in
L thigh: 24in (thighs the same no loss or gain)
Bust: 40in (same again)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sled riding fun!

So it was warm enough and sunny enough to enjoy all the snow we've gotten. It was a lot of fun and it lifted my spirits to be able to be outside in the sun having fun with the boys! Here are some videos of them:





Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm ready for the Relay for Life!

OK so I finished my registration and have already made a personal donation in memory of my father in law. You can read my blog post about him HERE I have pledged to raise $200 but would love to double that. i have high goals! I know that I can't do it alone so I'm asking if you would please consider donating to help me reach my goal and help support cancer research. If you haven't been affected by cancer yet the chances are that you will be either directly or from someone you know and love. Any amount helps. i have until July 10th but am starting early so I can raise the most money possible! If you would like to donate please click HERE and scroll down to the donate button. Thank you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Creating change in 2010

So 2009 was quite a year for my family. The biggest change was watching my father in law fight and then lose his battle with melanoma cancer. from the time he was diagnosed to the time he passed away was about 5wks. It was very fast. So to create change this year I am going to do some thing in my father in laws name.

Let me tell you the story a bit. On May 31st, Memorial Day, my father in law and mother in law were going to come down to visit and have a picnic with us. My father in law had been dealing with a blood cancer already and had to have chemo. He was a little sick and went back to the hospital instead that day. They ended up doing a brain scan where they found 2 brain tumors. He was given radiation on those tumors. He had numerous scans to check his body for cancer and they found a mass in his chest. They did a biopsy and it was melanoma that had metastasized to his brain. We were upset but knew that our God was bigger than this. We prayed and hoped. We were able to go and be with my in laws for most of the time he was in the hospital. Still though, he grew worse and worse. So bad that we didn't want my boys to see him. He was everything to my boys and they to him as well. Finally he slipped into a coma and was taken to a nursing home where my husband, brother in law, and mother in law stood vigil around the clock. My sister in law and I would visit daily as well as numerous family and friends. My "dad" had signed a paper saying he did not want any measures to help him live. No IV's, no feeding tubes, no nothing. So we waited and prayed and talked to him. He went in on a Thursday and on Monday, July 6th he finally passed immediately after my mother in law had left his room that night.

I will never forget the impact this has had on my family. And so to create change, and to make a difference, even if it is small, I want to raise money for cancer research. I will do this by doing the relay for life. I will be setting up a donation site soon and will post it once I get my registration complete. I want people to know that if you haven't been affected yet by cancer you probably will be (meaning you or someone you know) will get cancer. I will never forget the hurt and pain we went through in watching my father in law struggle. I will walk in remembrance of my "dad".

Here is the last picture taken of him and 3 of my boys.

And I wanted to add that although it is the most recent time my family has had to deal with a loved one dealing with cancer it's not the only time it's happened. My granmother had breast cancer and is a survivor. My other grandmother battled colon cancer for many years and passed away when I was about 16. My husbands grandma battled breast cancer and survived for years after. And his aunt (my father in law's sister) also passed away from cancer. So this is something that is way too close to home and I want to make a difference even if it is small.

Please click HERE to read more on how you can help me create change! Or on my right sidebar is a link to my donation page!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: littlest Pitt fan

My first Wordless Wednesday. This was from this past summer at a Pitt Panthers football game. My youngest wearing his Pantherhead!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clean heart, Clean home Day 2!

OK, so I never posted about day 1 but it didn't go so well yesterday, LOL! I am doing this challenge called clean heart, clean home. It's about, well, getting a clean heart with God and a clean home at the same time! Today I was to work in my family room. I've alloted 1hr each day for my challenge time and so far it went well! I tackled the closet in our family room, which was a HUGE challenge! I NEED to remember to take before and after pics! I did not today but this closet is HUGE and was filled from bottom to top with stuff! So I went in for 50 min and decided to save the last 10 to take things to the dumpster. I needed 20 min though! I took out 5 big heavy boxes, and 3 of the extra large trash bags! And I think I hurt my back lifting them into the dumpster. OUCH! But it is almost clean. I'll work in there a little more tomorrow and then I will work on the toys. My boys rarely play with the toys in that room so I don't know why I keep them!

And I am also following a tighter schedule. My mom and sister already think my schedule is too strict so I'm not telling them and they don't read this! I have never done well with writing down do mopping at 10 am and such but it is actually going well and I seem to have more time to play with the boys because, as dumb as this sounds, I schedule it in. Then I am more likely to do it. So we played hyperdash today and it was fun! Now I am supposed to be making my weekly menu and doing my grocery list so I am going to do that!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mamavation Monday follow along week 2

OK, I did better this week with my eating and I exercised 3 days this week. So I was very disapointed when the scale didn't move. But it's not always about losing weight I guess. As I've learned from Pete Cohen, it's about become fitter and healthier and I shouldn't beat myself up over it! Plus my 6yr old and my dh got sick this week. So that made it difficult again this week.

I am also starting a new schedule this week so I can fit in my 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training. So far it's been going well. Of course it is only day 1!

I don't have time to take my measurements this week but will next week. My small goals for this week are to stick with my new workout schedule as much as possible. Drink water! (I am terrible at drinking water still!) I want to drink one glass of water this week. Isn't that terrible? One glass in this whole week! I just love my decaf tea! I am also working on eating slowly, and cutting out as much sugar as I possibly can.

Hopefully next week will be better. I keep praying that I will fit into my smaller jeans soon! I can pull them up and get them buttoned but they are tight! Hopefully in a few more pounds. I guess I was 10lbs lighter when I originally wore them so I'm gonna keep working! I hope by the end of Feb. that I can fit into them!

And I did better at reading mamavation posts last week and I want to read more this week! I will start on them tomorrow! Thanks for all the encouragement and support ladies!