Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

OK so I am starting my new daily "themes" this week! Wed will be changing but for today it's wonderful Wednesday and I wanted to share something good that happened this week.
So this week we had God answer some prayers. Not actually in this week alone but working up to it. We paid off our van and J sold his truck so were started looking for a new vehicle. One that wasn't a mini van. We are still keeping our van that we have but wanted something more stylish. So J researched and researched and researched (and did I mention he researched?) hundreds of vehicles and looked at hundreds. The top contendor was a Pacifica. So he looked at some car dealerships and on craigslist. All were above or price range. (we're very cheap!) So we prayed and asked God to lead us to the right one. Dh had called about one that was about $5000 less than any dealer. This was someone on Craigslist. He came back to it and said I think this is it.

Then he says, "Isn't your cousin's wife's name C? And don't they live in Cville?"
Me: "Yeah, why?"
J: "Becase I think that it's their Pacifica that we're looking at"
Me: "No. There is probably more than one C in Cville"
(I was doing my mom's hair) Mom: "Now I remember your sister talking to C and she said she thought you were the one's looking at her vehicle."
Me: "oh, well it must be them!"

I call my cousin and sure enough it's them! Now out of all the vehicles we looked at, and all the cars on Craigslist, I really feel that God blessed us by leading us not only to a vehicle that is $5000 cheaper than a dealer, but has less miles, is a year newer than we had been looking at and is a relative!! I thought that was pretty awesome!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog overhaul coming soon!

Well, I've been super busy. I haven't done my mamavation posts and I am just not good at keeping up with my blog in general so I am giving it an overhaul! I am looking for a new background and coming up with daily "themes" so to speak. i hope that this will keep me blogging daily. So I am hoping by next week to have my "new" version up and running!