Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 14 savings; 3/7/11

Green=Free, Red=$1 or under, Q=coupon, MQ=manufacture coupon, WQ=Walgreens coupon, BOGO=Buy 1 get 1 free

IVC=Instant value coupon (walgreens store coupon) EC=Electronic coupon loaded on my Giant Eagle card.

If there is a number before the product that's how many I bought.

And for reference if it says RR that is register rewards that walg reens gives out. What it is is a coupon that you can use off your next order. I do multiple orders and use them immediately.

I get fresh fruits, veggies and other staples at Aldi's.

Tampax Pearl 20ct= $5.29 (on sale $3.99-$2 MQ=$1.99)

Dawn dish soap=$2.19 (WQ makes it .99-.50MQ=$.49)

2 Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner 16oz= $2.19 so 2/$4.38 (on sale BOGO so 2/$2.19-$1MQ=2/$1.19 or $.60ea)

2 PediaCare children's fever reducer= $6.99 ea so 2/$13.98 ($13.98-$5WQ-$5WQ-$1MQ-$1MQ=2/$1.98 or $.99ea)

3 Dove single bar soap=$1.49ea or 3/$4.47 (WQ makes them .99ea or 3/$2.97

Original Total: $28.12 

Total out of pocket after coupons/sales: $8.62
Total savings:$19.50
Week 13 Walgreens Total Savings: $557.45

Coupon only total week 6=$265.23

Giant Eagle:
Welch's jelly=$2.59ea ($2.59-$2.59MQ=FREE)
Egg Beaters=$3.00 ($3-$2.70MQ=.30)
2 LOL brown eggs=$2.99ea so 2/$5.98 (on sale $2.49ea so 2/$4.98-$.50MQ-.50MQ doubled-.50MQ-.50MQ doubled=2/$2.98 or $1.49ea)
2 Colgate toothbrushes=$2.59ea or 2/$5.18 (on sale 10/$10 so 2/$2-.75MQ-.25MQ doubled to price-.75MQ-.25MQdoubled to price= both FREE)
2 Colgate toothpaste=$2.49ea or 2/$4.98 (on sale 10/$10 so 2/$2 -.75MQ-.25MQ doubled to price-.75MQ-.25MQ to price =both FREE)
Iams dry cat food=$7.99 (on sale $6.99-$1MQ-$1EC -$4.99rebate=FREE)
4 Betty Crocker fruit snacks=$2.50ea or 4/$10 (on sale 5/$10 so 4/$8-.50MQ-.50MQ doubled-.50MQ-.50MQ doubled -.50EC-$2RR=4/$3.50 or $.88ea)
2 Sucrets sore throat lozenges=$2.79ea or 2/$5.58 (on sale $1.29ea so 2/$2.58-$1.50MQ-$1.50MQ=+.42 so I made 42cents! FREE)
Mrs. T's Pierogies=$2 (on sale 3/$5 so 1/$1.67-$1MQ=.67)
6 Green Giant frozen boxed veggies=$1.79ea or 6/$10.74 (on sale 10/$10 so 6/$6 -.60MQ-.60MQ doubled-.60MQ -.60 MQ doubled-.60EC=6/$3 or .50ea)
2 Eckrich beef smoked sausage:$4.98ea so 2/$9.96 (on sale BOGO so 2/$4.98 -.77MQ-.77MQ doubled-.55MQ-.55MQ doubled=2/$2.34 or $1.17ea)
5 big cans Red Pack Tomatoes=$1.49ea or 5/$7.45 (on sale 5/$5, when you buy 5 get $1off instantly so 5/$4-.75MQ-.75MQ doubled-.75MQ-.75MQ doubled=5/$1 or $.20ea)
Original Total: $73.45

Total out of pocket after coupons/sales: $13.37
Total savings:$60.08
Week 13 Giant Eagle Total Savings: $572.33
Coupon only total week 6=$242.57

Week 12 two store total savings: $1129.78
Coupons only week 6 total savings: $507.80

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