Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 16 savings; 3/21/11


Green=Free, Red=$1 or under, Q=coupon, MQ=manufacture coupon, WQ=Walgreens coupon,

BOGO=Buy 1 get 1 free, GQ=Giant Eagle coupon

IVC=Instant value coupon (walgreens store coupon) EC=Electronic coupon loaded on my Giant Eagle card.

If there is a number before the product that's how many I bought.

And for reference if it says RR that is register rewards that walgreens and Giant Eagle give out. It is a coupon that you can use off your next order that prints out at checkout time. I do multiple orders and use them immediately.

Multi item deal:
Gillette Fusion ProGlide kit (comes with Razor, cartridge, battery, shave gel, lotion and thermal scrub)=$12.99
Gillette Fusion Shave Gel: 4.29
Gillette Fusion 4pk Cartridges= $16.99 (total for all 3=$34.27-$10RR-$4MQ-$4MQ-$1MQ=$15.27 for all 3 or $5.09ea)

Schick Intuition Razor=$11.99 (on sale $8.99-$3RR-$2MQ=$3.99)

Woolite 50oz Liquid detergent=$10.99 (on sale $5.99-$3MQ=$2.99

Original Total: $57.25

Total out of pocket after coupons/sales: $22.25
Total savings:$35
Week 16 Walgreens Total Savings: $634.07
Coupon only total week 8 =$310.40

Giant Eagle:
10 Michelina's Lean Gourmet=$1.50ea so 10/$15 (on sale 10/$10--$1MQ-$1MQ=10/$8 or .80ea)

9 2L Coke products=$1.89ea or 9/$17.01 (on sale 10/$10 so 9/$9-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ=9/$6 or $.67ea)

6 Pizza Lunchables=$2.50ea or 6/$15 (on sale BOGO so 6/$7.50-.75MQ-.75MQ-$5RR=6/$1 or $.17ea)

2 Roman Meal wheat bread=$2.69ea or 2/$5.38 (on sale 2/$3-.75MQ-.75MQdoubled-.75MQ-.75MQ doubled=both FREE)

2 Hidden Valley farmhouse dressing=$3.49ea or 2/$6.98 (on sale 2/$5-$1MQ-$1MQ=2/$3 or $1.50ea)

4 Best life buttery spread=$2.49ea or 4/$9.96 (on sale 10/$10 so 4/$4-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ= all 4 FREE)

2 coffeemate creamers=$2.19ea or 2/$4.38 (on sale 2/$3-$1MQ=2/$2 or $1ea)

12 Steamfresh frozen veggies=$1.79ea or 12/$21.48 (on sale 10/$10 so 12/$12-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ=10/$8 or .80ea)

 Bounty Paper Towels single roll=$1.29 (on sale 10/$10 so 1/$1-.25MQ-.25MQ doubled=.50)

2 Planters Nutrition nut bars=$2.99ea or 2/$5.98 (on sale 2/$5-.75MQ-.75MQdoubled-.75MQ-.75MQdoubled=2/$2 or $1ea)

2 Werthers Candy=$1.99ea or 2/$3.98 (on sale $1.69ea or 2/$3.38-.75MQ-.75MQ doubled-.75MQ-.75MQdoubled=2/.38 or .19ea)

4 Franks Red Hot Sauce=$1.59ea or 4/$6.36 (on sale $1ea so 4/$4-.50MQ-.50MQdoubled-.50MQ-.50MQ doubled-.50MQ-.50MQ doubled-.50MQ-.50MQ doubled= all 4 FREE)

2 pop tarts=2/$5 (on sale $1.75ea or 2/$3.50-$1MQ=2/$2.50 or $1.25ea)

4 Airwick Freshmatic=$7.98ea or 4/$31.92 (on sale BOGO so 2/$15.96-$4MQ-$4MQ-$4MQ-$4MQ= all 4 FREE I made 4cents!)

4 Danimals Crush Cups=4/$8 (on sale 4/$6-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ-$1MQ=4/$2 or .50ea)

8 Yoplait yogurt=.70ea or 8/$5.60 (on sale .50ea so 8/$4-.75MQ-.25MQ doubled-.75MQ-.25MQ doubled=8/$2 or .25ea I'm not sure why the double adjusted down. I wish I would've noticed in the store!)

I broke this up into 3 orders and also used 3 $5off $30 or more so that is factored in as well.
Original Total: $152.58

Total out of pocket after coupons/sales: $22.34
Total savings:$130.24
Week 16 Giant Eagle Total Savings: $746.70
Coupon only total week 8=$337.95
Week 16 two store total savings: $1380.77


  1. Wow, Heidi, that's amazing! I'm the first to admit that couponing scares me. It's so overwhelming!