Sunday, April 10, 2011

21 days of prayer for my sons!

PhotobucketRecently I discovered an amazing site for moms of boys by moms of boys called The MOB society. (MOB stands for moms of boys!) And it linked me up to something called 21 days of prayer for our sons. It is being put on by Brooke McGlothlin who wrote the book called Warrior Prayers; Praying the Word for Boys in areas they need it most. I was lucky enough to have won an ecopy of this book! I was supposed to start on April first but I forgot. Completely embarrassing. I mean, what does that say about me as a mother?! But, you know what, I am human and I forget. I am glad God doesn't and he brought me to another mama of boys blog that talked about it. So now I am starting today. It is praying 10 times a day every day for each son. That means I will be praying a total of 50 times a day for my boys!! It is a commitment, but it is very worth it. I was inspired by this post that one of the most amazing ways I can show I love my boys is to show them by being on my knees for them in prayer. I am excited about what God is going to do through this 21 days of Warrior Prayers and will keep you updated. Since I started late I will be going through May 1st! I'm going to start on what everyone else is on right now. Purity!

I definitely feel that this is a HUGE issue facing our young men today. You can't even turn on a family show without seeing a Victoria Secrets commercial with practically nude women! It is really something that must be prayed about often for our boys. I'll post more later this week!

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  1. welcome aboard! It is my prayer that this challenge will be a jump start to intentionally praying for my sons even beyond April (and May:)