Monday, December 12, 2011

Spending time with God


So, sometimes I think it's funny that we have to "find time" to spend with God. Like it's some kind of after thought or just another thing on our to do list. I've been trying to be intentional in having meaningful time with God. And I do make it intentional. You need to do what works for you. (and that may be different than what works for me!)

I am naturally a morning person. I function my best from 5:30am until about 2-3pm an then I crash. I am my absolute most productive before lunch. Also, I have five boys. (four of which are homeschooled, so I'm busy!) I find what works for me is first thing in the morning. My oldest gets up at 6am for school. I find that getting up at 5:20-5:30am gives me some time to eat something small and spend some time in the word. After that, I get my exercising in. I actually break my exercising into two parts. I do 20 minutes in the morning.

Then comes one of my most favorite parts of the day. While my oldest is waiting to get on the bus I walk or jog and spend time with God. One on one. He and I. Together. Completely alone with each other. No mp3 music to distract (although sometimes I sing a song of praise by myself). I love the silence (often the only silent time all day!) I love pouring my heart out to God and waiting for a reply. Sometimes I have a lot to say. Other times I'm quiet, just listening. There have also been times when I just don't have words and I've simply cried out, "Please, Jesus!" over and over. And I do this no matter what. I've walked in the rain, under amazingly starry skies, watching the sun come up, under completely black skies and in freezing temps. It is time I cherish.

Maybe for you it's time at night after the kids go to bed. Maybe it's during their afternoon nap. Maybe it's while you're in the tub or shower. (although, mine is usually interupted!)  Maybe it's while you're folding laundry, taking time to bring each person in your family before God as you fold their clothes. Maybe it's while making dinner. It is so incredibly important to have time with God. Not only reading the Bible and digging into His Word, but spending time talking to and listening to God. God has answered me many times in this quiet time with him. I encourage you to find sometime to spend with God daily. Taking time to read His Words of love to you and to talk and listen to Him. It is time you will not regret spending with Him ever!

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  1. Sounds like you're in a great groove! I can't wait to get back into a routine and have some time with God that I really really need.

  2. I really need to start carving out time for me and God. I need to start getting used to waking up early as Eli will be starting school Fall '12 and i'll have to make sure that he is ready for the day.